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Hot & Rainy Summer

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

June and July are running the usual summer pattern, hot and rainy. All through June the storms have been pretty consistent. Normally we get the first half of the day is sunny and beautiful then around 2pm the thunder storms come in. Lately we've getting a lot of scattered storms all throughout the day. Even though we get a little wet every now and then it hasn't stopped the catching.

We've been back at Sebastian Inlet the last few weeks on inshore trips and the snook bite has been fantastic. The outgoing tide has given us the best luck. The snook have been big, hungry, and plentiful out around the north jetty. Go to baits have been pigs, pins, and threadfin herring. Some of the guys have also had some good luck landing big redfish on live crabs that have been floating out of the inlet as well.

There was a good run of mutton snapper for a week or two at the beginning of June along the beach and big tarpon have been schooling up along the beach as well. The closer reefs have been holding numerous lane snapper which we've been able to limit out on fairly easy and some decent sized kingfish.

Offshore has been excellent, catching good sized mangrove snapper and lots of triggerfish. Almost every reef has been holding at least a couple decent sized kingfish as well. What's great about offshore bottom fishing is you really never know what you're gonna pull up sometimes. Trolling for mahi has been kind of a bust this summer so far. There's been scattered weeds everywhere making it almost impossible to troll. We've hit the red snapper reefs a few times and there was no disappointment there. Those red snapper spots we have are loaded with big thick red snapper. To bad we're only getting 2 days to harvest red snapper this year (July 8th & 9th) cause man we could fill some coolers with ease.

The airboat is almost done so soon adding to Whatever Turns U On Fishing Charters will be bow fishing, bass fishing, airboat rides, and gator hunts on the freshwater.

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