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Swamp Hunting

Prepare yourself for some real life hunting. We get back to the basics of finding these wild animals in their natural habitat.  There are no feeders, no high fences, these are not pet deer, pigs, or turkeys, this is the real deal with wild animals, getting down and dirty hunting. Our whitetail deer hunting trips are out in the swamps of Brevard County, Florida. This is the Northeast region of the Upper St. Johns River Marsh. The only way to access this hunting area is by airboat. We will ride the airboat out into marsh to the hunting grounds back in the deep cypress swamp. Once you arrive to the hunting area you will quietly creep through the woods with one of our hunting guides to find the best place to set up your treestand. Some areas will have ladder stands and other areas will need the use of a climber.  Targeted species will be whitetail deer, wild hogs, and wild turkey.

Due Note; this is public hunting land so there is no guarantee for success on any hunt.  There are no high fences or feeders, this is real hunting. Also hunters must provide their own Florida Hunting License, Management Area Permit and/or any other necessary stamps to take game.

Things To Bring:

  • Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloader, or Bow (we can provide a weapon if needed)

  • Camouflage Clothing (pants, shirt, jacket, face mask)

  • Waterproof Boots

  • Mosquito net/jacket

  • Hat

  • Small Pack or Bag

  • Thermacell

  • Headlamp or other flashlight

  • Large Cooler for meat

  • Blaze Orange Hat & Vest During Muzzleloader/Gun Season

  • Florida Hunting License/Management Area Permit/Stamps



1 day hunt fee $200/day/person, max 2 hunters

Youth under 16 years old are free                  


Clean & Skin Fee:

Any Buck, Doe, Or Wild Hog $250

Hunting Seasons:

Archery Season:  September 16 - October 15

Muzzleloading Season: October 21 - 29

General Gun Season: November 4 - January 14

  • Doe Weekend: November 18 - 19

Spring Turkey Season: March 16 - 21

  • Youth Turkey: March 9 - 10

For any other hunting regulations:

Northeast Region Upper St. John's Marsh 

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