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Bowfishing trips will take place on our 16ft Diamondback airboat out around the Upper St. Johns River.  We're looking to get up close and personal to shoot and harvest non-native fish species such as (tilapia, longnose gar, Plecostomus, and bowfin) with a bow and arrow. Bowfishing trips will include bow fishing setups as well as free fish cleaning at the end of your trip.  We offer 2 hour and 4 hour day and night trips.  Along the way you will also possibly be able to see some of our local Florida wildlife in their natural habitat (alligators, birds, whitetailed deer, and much more).  We have bows and crossbows to accommodate most of all ages and skill levels and we can accommodate up to 4 passengers (shooters).

Due Note: customers must provide their own Florida freshwater fishing license for all freshwater trips. Licenses are available to purchase at

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