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Happy New Year

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

It's right at the end of December 2022 and the fishing has been amazing. We had another great snook and redfish bite at Sebastian Inlet the last couple weeks. Snook sizes ranged anywhere from 25" to 35" fish. Most of the redfish were smaller sized fish around 25" to 30". Not sure where those big bull reds are hiding because they've been a little late to the party. Fortunately for us boat fishermen the north jetty is still closed so it is way more relaxing to fish out there. We can get up close to the jetty with live shrimp and pull fish one after another without any chaos. We've also had some good luck with sheepshead, black drum, and pompano out around the mouth out of the inlet.

When you can find where they're schooling up, the snook bite has been pretty good as well on the inside of the inlet along the rocks along with an occasional flounder. Hopefully with this cold front we're having right now will kick those flounder into gear and we can start landing some nice Flatties.

A really amazing trip we had the other day was when we ran up on a giant school of huge black drum in the rain. The school looked to have close to 200 fish all ranging from 40 to 60 lbs. My guys had some amazing fights boating 4 giant drum and losing 3 at the boat.

We are now doing night and day time bowfishing on the airboat and that has been a whole new fun experience. We've been getting some giant tilapia out at Three Forks Marsh and some decent small Florida gar. The bowfishing is definitely not as easy as it looks but if you to take your time and aim you'll eventually get the hang of it. Bowfishing is probably the most exciting fishing I've ever done.

Gift cards are still on sale until the end of January. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year

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