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February Snook Season

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Snook season is back ladies and gentlemen!!!!! It's time to get the croakers and the hand pick shrimp and catch us some drag screaming slot size line siders "snook". The last couple weeks have been beautiful out, mid 60's to 70's and the fish have been chewing. This last month of January has been one fantastic month for catching big snook, redfish, black drum, spanish mackerel and bluefish at Sebastian Inlet. The snook have been pretty picky though. All they've been wanting are those big jumbo shrimp that we've been cast netting. That being said, it has put the customers in a little bit of a dilemma. Do they want to eat the shrimp or use them for bait?

These cold fronts have done a number on us for fishing the lagoon. The fish in the shallower areas are a lot more lethargic than the inlet fish. Also with the water being so clear, if you see them, they for sure have already seen you. The key to fishing these shallower areas at this time of year is making long casts with cut bait and patience. If you're gonna catch fish during these low/air water temps you're gonna have to work for it. The nice thing about fishing the winter season is you don't have to get out so early. If you're going to be fishing the flats or mangrove shorelines you're most likely going to be more productive in the middle of the day. During the winter season we fish deeper areas early and shallow areas later.

With snook season opening February 1st, Sebastian Inlet North Jetty is going to be a mad house the first couple weeks. Depending on the weather conditions there will most likely be upwards of 15 to 20 boats all around the jetty, let alone all the jetty fishermen as well. I know it will be frustrating at times getting lines tangled with each other but I can't stress this enough to have respect for