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February Fishing Report

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Windy, rainy, cold, and rough is what has been going on the beginning of February. We've had a few real nice days but it's mostly been the typical winter season. It's been tough catching fish but it has paid off for the one's who want to put in the time and patience. If the ocean isn't to rough, we're still catching those big bull reds along with a few nice sized snook at Sebastian Inlet out around the jetty. The bluefish have also shown up and that means we go through a lot of baits. They aren't monster blues but they can make a decent meal. If the ocean is to rough, we've fished the inside of the inlet and done very well on 15" to 18" spotted seatrout and some smaller flounder. Also, you can't forget about those tasty sheepshead too. We've been catching some decent amounts of sheepshead as well around the bridges on fiddler crabs. The key thing to fishing in the wind is just being able to find some cover in an area that produces. Again being that the weather has been so crappy, the offshore trips are very limited to select days. If you're booking an offshore trip this time of year, I would suggest leaving a couple days to move around so you could switch days if that's possible for you. Fishing wise for offshore though, there have been some cobia starting to show up already and we're also getting some keeper kingfish and mangrove snapper hanging on the reefs, not to mention the "endangered" red snapper. We should have an excellent spring though and I am very excited to chase the rays around for cobia when they show up. If you have any questions about trips or what we're catching feel free to give us a call.

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