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April Spring Time

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

April has been a pretty consistent month so far for catching fish. The month started off a little rocky from out of town cancellations due the Covid 19 scare. We did a sweet deal on Facebook for our Sebastian Inlet fishermen since the park is closed and business has taken off. We did a half price discount on full day inshore inlet trips for the months of April and May, and might extend that discount longer if needed. Many small business's are in a pickle right now so we had to do something to keep the boat in the water. As far as fishing goes, the bite has been pretty good. Bait has been a little tough to find. The big schools of threadfin herring diminished quite a bit and pigs, pins, and croakers have been hard to find in the river. If we get the baits then we get the big girls. We're still getting a few big redfish here and there but they're starting to slow down. The snook bite has been very consistent with some nice slot fish going in the cooler. There are numerous amounts of bluefish on the outgoing tide and big jack crevalle on the incoming tide. There have also been some nice Spanish mackerel in and around the inlet as well. Lately, we've lost quite few fish to big sharks and Goliath grouper. Now is the time the Goliaths start to show up at the inlet. There are always some resident Goliaths that hang out there year round but come May, June, and July the big schools of them come in and hang out at the jetty. I like to move up to a heavier action rod to get my snook in faster so the big beasts don't gulp them up. If you want a chance to battle one of these big monsters, that's not a problem, we've got a big boy rod to play with them as well. Haven't did much offshore lately but the few times we've went out has produced some decent size fish. Red snapper and grouper have been the main catches lately along with a bunch of lane snapper. Unfortunately we can't keep the red snapper or grouper yet. I've heard the dolphin/mahi have been starting to show up but they've been way out in the gulf stream. We are completely booked up for April but we still have some days open in May. Everyone stay safe and hopefully we can get things back to normal again.

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