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Windy Windy November

Updated: Nov 23

November has started off pretty rough for most fishing days. It was crazy windy the whole first week of the month. We've had some drops in the water temps and the seas have been really rough, not to mention the water being very dirty. We've been catching a few little ones here and there but it's just not been that great. The second week had some decent conditions and the fish started biting pretty good at the inlet. Snook, redfish, jacks and cubera snapper were all in the mix. Unfortunately next weeks forecast looks to be a very windy week again but that's how it goes this time of year.

Went out a couple days ago to scout around bowfish and noticed the St. John's Water Management did some spraying in our area to control the hyacinth vegetation. This is not a bad thing for the future but sucks for right now. Unfortunately didn't see any fish in the area like there were a couple weeks prior. Getting rid of some of the vegetation will help give us more area to fish because the hyacinth was getting way out of control.

Since business has been pretty slow and fishing conditions have been really crappy this month, I decided to change it up a bit and do a little deer hunting. The second day out of general gun and I got to tag me a nice 8 point buck in the swamp. Took the airboat out in the marsh to our local hunting area, found a nice spot in one of the cypress heads, sat quietly for a few hours and then there he was. This was a super exciting day for me because I grew up hunting out there with my dad but he has always been with me and basically showing me where to go. This time I was all by myself, hunted a totally different area then what we usually do and I found him. I absolutely love catching big fish but the adrenaline rush you get from a nice buck walking out in front of you is a whole other level of excitement. Hours of sitting still looking at the same trees is freaking boring, relaxing but boring. Then all of a sudden you hear a branch crack and water splash, you look over and see movement, your heart starts racing a million miles a minute, your hands are shaking, and your breathing is almost out of control. You have to tell your self to calm down. It's an amazing feeling for sure. If anybody would like to try hunting in the swamp, give me a shout, we hunt for white tailed deer, wild hogs, and wild turkeys, can't guarantee anything but it's definitely a fun experienc.


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