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Windy Spring Break March

March has been one hell of a month as far as weather goes. We've had a few nice days but most of the time the winds have been kicking up in the 20 plus mph range. This just makes it a little difficult to fish a lot of inshore spots and definitely prevents us from doing any offshore trips. Now don't get me wrong, we've still been catching a lot of fish but it's just been a little more challenging at times.

Most of the fishing we've been doing lately has been inside the lagoon just trying to find cover. We're catching a lot of smaller speckled trout with a mixed bag of redfish, jack crevalle, and ladyfish. We're using some artificials but mostly popping corks with live shrimp. The sheepshead fishing around the bridges

has been pretty good as well. Sheepshead are some of my personal favorite eating inshore fish and a challenge to catch.

Sebastian Inlet is always a go to spot for catching something. If the ocean is to rough outside the jetty we've been drift fishing the channel catching some big bull reds and a whole bunch of jack crevalle. Local Floridians give jack crevalle a bad rap but they are pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish around and will definitely wear your arms out. To tell you the truth, I've had many of my customers in the last couple years decide to take home some jacks. Everyone has said they are fantastic tasting so who knows maybe us Floridians are just spoiled. The snook bite hasn't been all that great for us lately, we've been in somewhat of a slump on catching any big snook ever since the season started. Hopefully this slump will end soon because I want to start ringing that bell.

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