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November Fishing

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

November has been off and on weather wise but it has not stopped us from catching fish. The winds and waves have been ridiculous this month, almost completely cutting out offshore trips and limiting fishing out at Sebastian Inlet jetty. We've been getting some cooler temperatures lately and this has started to bring in the flounder and pompano into Sebastian. The snook and redfish are still hot and heavy when you can find where they're staging up as well. With that being said Sebastian has been extremely busy with jetty fishermen and boat fishermen this past week. Another fish I do not typically target but are a blast to catch and fantastic eating are sheepshead. When the winds are blowing, water temps are cool, and the inlets are a mad house I like to stay inside and look for these fun fighting and wonderful tasting sheepshead along the docks, bridges, and causeways. They can be a little difficult to catch at first but once you get the hang of it they're a lot of fun. Give us a call at Whatever Turns U On Fishing Charters to set up your next fun adventure 321-446-2637

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