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Merry Christmas 2022

Updated: Apr 29

December has started out as usual, windy and breezy & rough seas. Yeah it's been breezy but it doesn't stop us from getting out on the water. The winter season is pretty much strictly inshore / nearshore fishing. We usually only get a couple days out of the month that are calm enough to get offshore this time of year.

The bite seemed to simmer down quite a bit after hurricane Nicole. The couple weeks after the storm the snook bite definitely slowed down since that hot October bite. November was good but not on fire like October. Hurricane Nicole caused the state park at Sebastian Inlet to shut down the north jetty for awhile so that has been very nice for us boat fishermen. December has started off pretty good for us so far. Haven't done to many trips but the ones we have done have went pretty good. Lots of fish caught from snook, reds, black drum, flounder, jack crevalle, and sheepshead. The outgoing tide at Sebastian Inlet has been loaded up with sharks on the rip. Decent sized bull sharks, black tips, and spinners have been cruising out in the current. Then there's also the goliath grouper. We usually don't have a problem with goliaths during the winter season but not this year. There are those resident mammoths that are now hanging out year round at the north jetty. When you hook up there's no playing around with your fish, get the net ready, reel fast, and get that baby in cause it will get gulped.

Last month we were able to do our first bowfishing charter off the airboat and it went extremely well. The guys were able to shoot some large tilapia and had a blast doing it. I can't stress this enough how much fun bowfishing is, even if you're missing your shots it's still so much fun. We will also be adding in night bowfishing trips within the next week or so as well.

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