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Merry Christmas

The fishing has been HOTT!!!! Finally we were able to get a decent week of weather to fish and the last week of November was one you didn't want to miss. It was one seriously windy month almost all of November. We've had a record year for hurricanes and even though they didn't hit us directly we still felt the effects around the whole state of Florida. Rough seas and high winds made for a lot of video game time at Captain Shane's house.

November 23rd was the first day we got to get out to fish since the 31st of October, This last week of November was one for the books though. The snook and redfish bite were off the chain at Sebastian Inlet. It took no time at all to get our first hit as soon as the bait hit the water. Not only has the bite been good but also getting keeper slot fish as well. Most of the time at the Inlet the snook and reds are to big to keep but not this week. We had our limit in no time at all. They were eating almost anything we threw at them. Those are the days that make it easy fishing. In a way it's kind of bad when it's that easy because then my customers get spoiled and think it's always like that. Sometimes it is easy and other times we gotta work for it.

Other than the Inlet, we also did a lot of inshore fishing along the mangroves, spoil islands, and docks which produced a numerous amount of catching. Lots of spotted seatrout, ladyfish, mangrove snapper, and slot redfish. As for the baits, we used a little bit of everything. Artificials, live & dead shrimp, greenies, cut bait, live mullet, and anything else I could think of and all of it produced.

Some flounder have been getting pulled in lately but not big by numbers yet. We were able to get a couple the other day on live greenies though. There's going to be a little cold front coming in this week that should kick those flounder into gear so hopefully we'll have a decent flounder bite this month. The snook, redfish, and trout should still be very active the rest of the month but due note December 15th is the end of snook season until February 1st 2021. Snook will be catch and release until the season opens again. I will also be looking forward to targeting some sheepshead this month as well. Just to let everyone know, we have a great Christmas special going on until the end of the year. Offering 40% off on gift cards for the 2021 fishing season until December 31st 2020. This is an excellent Christmas gift for anyone in the family, so jump on this fantastic deal while there's still time. Gift cards are available for purchase on the Whatever Turns U On Fishing Charters website. Hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving.

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