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July Fishing Report

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I want to apologize for my late July fishing report, but we have been super busy this month. The fishing has been amazing along with some great catches and wonderful memories. Our red snapper season went fantastic despite the crazy rough seas that went along with it. It is so funny how there are spots that we fish all year long and never see a soul, but as soon as red snapper season opens there are 10 boats sitting right on your spot. The second red snapper day was also tournament day for the 2020 Central Florida Shootout. The tournament normally takes place in May but due to Covid 19 it was postponed. They opened up a new category, paying out $10,000 for the biggest red snapper. Unfortunately we were not able to take the glory for the big bucks but my 11 year old son did win 1st place in Jr. Angler Offshore and took 2nd place for the biggest dolphin weighing 21.6 lbs. I have to admit I had a few tears come down when he walked up on stage, just one of those proud dad moments. Also right at the end of June I got the privilege to take out the DDR fishing team to do some offshore filming. What a fun experience that was with an awesome group of guys so I can't wait for the video to come out.

Other than that offshore has been great as long as the seas cooperate. Trolling has not been very productive lately but we have been doing excellent with bottom fishing and free-lining live baits and dead sardines. Scattered weeds and rough seas have made trolling a little difficult. Get the chum bag flowing and everything eventually comes up looking for a free snack. The problem with chumming is the sharks will show up too. Great for the shark fanatics but bad for the snapper/grouper fishermen. We've been catching most of our mahi and kingfish with the free-lining technique. On the bottom we've been getting some nice mangrove snapper, lane snapper, red grouper, sea bass, amberjack and of course red snapper as long as the sharks don't get them first. I don't typically target sharks but the ones we've been catching are bulls, sandbar, sharpnose, and nurse sharks.