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January Fishing Report

So 2020 is here that will start another new year of fantastic fishing and happy clients. December was a little tough from bad weather but we made the most of it. We had to work with cold fronts, rain, high winds, and rough seas but lots of catches on the days we could get out. The last couple weeks have been a little slow for the big fish but there was definitely no shortage in catches. Inshore has been the main focus due to the weather. We've been catching numerous amounts of spotted seatrout on popping corks and live shrimp, some decent sheepshead at the bridges on fiddler crabs, a few tripletail here and there, big sailcats at the inlet, big bull redfish are still munching up pinfish in the inlet, and the big flounder are finally showing. January is looking to be an inshore month of flounder, redfish, snook, and trout. Was only able to get offshore one day last month and it was still a rough one. A variety of fish were caught while bottom fishing though, lots of red snapper wherever we went, bluefish, weakfish, bluerunners, grunts, lane snapper, and some big sharks. Hopefully the seas will calm down some soon so we can get way out to the honey holes.

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