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Here She Blows

Like the title says, "Here She Blows". It's been almost 3 months of non-stop very windy conditions. We get a few days here and there of nice conditions and then all of a sudden someone turns on the big fan again. We've been doing a lot of inshore fishing in the lagoon just to stay out of the breeze. Been trying some new techniques I've learned recently as well as bringing back some of the old school strategies from the past and things are working out.

The inshore fishing in the lagoon has been pretty good. We're catching lots of trout and snook, mostly on live bait. Pilchards, shrimp, and mullet have been our go to baits. Most of the catches have been along the mangrove shorelines and docks. The dock fishing is a little difficult for some anglers cause those snook are smart and know how to break you off. Our seatrout we're getting have been out on the flats and along the mangroves, freelining pilchards and mullet. Unfortunately most of the trout this time of year are full of worms so my suggestion is to just take a quick pic and release them to get bigger. We've also been able to find some fun fighting tarpon back in Sebastian River and the poons along the beach. The other fun fighting fish that's been pretty plentiful have been big jack crevalle. You can throw a lure or live bait into a jack feeding frenzy and hook up almost instantly.