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Fall Mullet Run 2022

Well anglers it's 100%, the fall mullet run is in full effect now. Millions of mullet have been migrating down the beach getting sucked into every inlet of the Indian River Lagoon system along the way. Like I always say this is my favorite time of year to fish inshore because bait is easy to find and the predators are extremely hungry. Snook, redfish, tarpon, trout, jacks, sharks, etc.... are all around taking a piece of the pie.

Sebastian Inlet and the beaches have been our main focus this month. We're catching all sizes of snook from little pumpkins to monster 40"+ snook and some medium size redfish as well. It hasn't been to hard to find them either. As soon as those big mullet schools come into the inlet, there's nothing but fireworks. The snook, tarpon, and sharks have been blasting these mullet up on the surface making a very exciting show.

This month we started up doing some airboat trips with the new boat. Did a little bowfishing and airboat rides. I'll tell you what, bowfishing is a lot more challenging than I thought. Because of all the rain we've been having lately the airboat rides have been fantastic. Since the waters been up we can now go back in all the beautiful cypress hammocks and run the trails. We were also

able to score a couple nice gators, one off of the bay boat, and one on the airboat with Captain Joe Smith. Next year we're looking to add in gator hunting to one of our other options and possibly team up with Captain Joe for gator hunts.

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