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Blowvember 2022

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Let me just start by saying Blowvember (November) is living up to it's name for sure. It's pretty much the second week of the month and winds are going to be ridiculous. From Sunday the 6th until Friday the 11th, the wind apps are saying 20 mph up to 60 mph with waves from 7 ft to 10 ft. We just went ahead and closed out the week due to the weather.

This past October had to be the best month I've ever had as far as the snook bite goes. The snook were absolutely on fire at the inlet. Like I said in previous posts, 20 minutes and we were limited out on snook. Slot fish, after slot fish, after slot were being caught one after another. Between the boaters and the jetty we all definitely put a hurting on the snook population out there. It also had a lot to do with bait selection too. Those snook can be so picky but if you're throwing what they want it's game on. We've been using 8 to 10 inch mullet for the past 4 months and smoking the snook, then they switched to wanting pigfish, and in the last couple weeks it's been croakers. When that croaker would hit the water, just count to 5 and set the hook, it's been that quick.

Got word on some pompano being caught in the river and lots of Spanish mackerel as well. The bull reds are showing up here and there at the inlet finally. We were able to land a couple 35" reds last week. Hopefully this tropical system doesn't bother us to bad and we can get back to slaying here shortly.

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