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That's right Blowvember is what I call the month of November. This month seems to have the usual weather of very windy days and rough seas. As we ended October the fishing was fantastic. We were right at the end of our fall mullet run and everything seemed to be hungry. The winds were already picking up but we made the best of it and pulled in some solid catches.

The inshore bite in the lagoon has been excellent. We've been catching lots of seatrout and slot redfish along the mangrove shorelines and around the spoil islands as well as some decent size flounder. Live shrimp with a popping cork has been the go to bait in these areas. As the winds kick up and the water temps cool down I also like to target them sneaky sheepshead with fiddler crabs along the bridges. Excellent excellent tasting and a fun fighting fish too.

Now on to the big girls of Sebastian Inlet. It's no secret but if you want consistent big inshore fish, well the inlet is the place to go this time of year. Finally the big reds have shown up and should be around up through March. This time of year these bull redfish range anywhere from 35" to 50". They are very powerful and will definitely test your tackle. There are a couple ways we fish for these reds as well as the snook at the inlet. If the seas are calm enough, still fishing live pigfish, pinfish, croakers, or mullet around the North Jetty is great. The other way is drifting the channel with the same baits, but be careful on how much weight you use cause you'll lose lots of tackle. Many times you'll catch a whole lot of jack crevalle while drifting as well. The jacks have been full up in the inlet lately which has produced lots of action. Most locals say jacks are junk fish but I've been having a lot of customers tell me they really enjoy eating them. The snook bite has been pretty good as well. It's just finding out what bait they want that day and setting yourself up correctly to present it to them. Lately we've been getting all different sizes of snook. They've been measuring anywhere from 20" up to 40" and some fat keeper slot fish too (28" to 32"). Looking forward into the month, the flounder should start to come into the inlet towards late November.

Hopefully these winds will calm down some but if not I'll just have to deal with it. Also, the rental house is up and running so we have you covered for your stay as well. Hope everyone had a great Halloween and looking forward to an excellent Thanksgiving and hooking y'all up on some monsters real soon.

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