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August's Brutal Heat

This has been one very hot Florida summer. It's been steamy but the seas have been great. Light wind and calm waves is what I'd rather deal with then being slammed around on the boat all day from rough seas. Despite the heat the fishing has been great with lots of catching all around the board from inshore to offshore.

Offshore again has been great with the calmer seas. It's been a little slower as far as keeper fish goes but we've been having some excellent fights. We're still catching lots of lane snapper but they've been small with lots of undersize fish. The red snapper population is booming but unfortunately the wonderful state of Florida only allowed us, on the east coast, 2 days to keep red snapper this year. We're consistently catching 15 to 20 lb red snapper with an occasional red grouper in the mix. The red snapper are an awesome fighting fish if you don't mind throwing them back. The mahi fishing has been the worst I've seen but I've also not really been doing any trolling this summer either. The fish are out there but we just have to spot hop to find them right now. There's been lots of barracudas as well. If you can keep them from cutting your line they're one hell of a drag screaming fish.

Inshore and nearshore has been excellent for hookups. The lagoon has had some ridiculous hot water ranging from 85 early morning to the upper 90's come mid day. With all the rain we've been having it has resulted in some very dirty water. Sitting in 1ft of water we can't even see the bottom. With that being said, sight fishing is out of the question in our area so we've just been having to throw baits and find them. Surprisingly we've found some killer spots along the mangroves that are holding lots of snook and redfish right now. Live threadfins, greenies, and shrimp have been working very well and cut bait is always my go to for reds. Not monsters but consistent catches. At the inlet we're finding the big snook. They're ranging anywhere from 35" to 40". Right now they're hitting pretty good on croakers but that can change from day to day. Sometimes the bait shops will have croakers available to purchase but they cost around $3 to $4 each. That can get pretty pricey with a group of 4 or there's always the option to go catch them ourselves during the trip. My suggestion if you book a 1/2 day trip is to buy the bait but a 3/4 or full day just go catch them because it's a lot of fun.

We've done a few bowfising trips and it's been a little tough during the day. Again the rain has resulted in the water to be very dark in most spots making it difficult to see the fish. We're finding them but we're having to work for it. Making good quick shots is key.

School is now back in session and that means business is gonna slow down for us the next couple months so we have lots of open days right now. Weekends are back open for trips throughout the school year and we're also offering military discounts on all trips. Due note: September and October are some the best months for inshore fishing and snook season will be open on September 1st.

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