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August Fishing Report 2020

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Hello to all my fishing followers and welcome to the boiling heat of August. Yes, it's been hot, roasting boiling hot. We ended July and began August with some serious winds and the hurricane Isias, that thankfully just stirred up our ocean for a bit. I took the last week of July off for family time and went lobstering out of Sebastian and did some freshwater snorkeling at Alexander Springs. I seen some awesome stuff while scuba diving on some of my fishing spots like snapper, grouper, sheepshead, and all the other beautiful tropical fish down there. I have to say it's pretty cool to go down and actually see what we're fishing on down there.

We've had some really nice seas this past week and we've been able to hook into some really nice fish on our offshore trips. On one trip we pulled a 21 lb blackfin tuna, a bunch of cobia, kingfish, and snapper. Then a second trip with a couple big kingfish, lane snapper, barracuda, mangrove snapper, and bonita. I've been freelining frozen sardines for the kingfish and bonita and using live greenies on the bottom for the snapper. When the cobia come around I like to throw whatever live bait I have at them. They seem to really like pinfish and the greenies. I know a lot of people have been complaining about the sharks lately and yes they are a nuisance but they do bring the cobia with them this time of year. Chum, chum, and more chum, bring them in is my suggestion.

The Inshore trips have been very productive as well. We've been fishing along the mangroves with greenies, finger mullet, and live shrimp and catching numerous amounts of smaller snook, redfish, and mangrove snapper. I always tell my customers when we're fishing the mangroves, "if you're not getting hung up, then your not close enough". Like I said at the beginning it is hot, so get out early. The water temps in the middle of the day on the flats have been up in the 90's. The snook bite at Sebastian Inlet has been awesome on the outgoing tide using croakers. Croakers are pretty much my go to live bait for most of the year. The incoming tide has been extremely clear this past week. You almost could just look down and find where the fish are. The Goliath grouper are not so bad anymore, I think most of them have finally went back to their homes offshore now. I took the GoPro off the North Jetty and videoed hundreds of schooling snook and only seen a couple Goliaths. September 1st starts snook season and soon after the mullet run should begin and that means crazy action everywhere.

The seas are looking good for the next couple weeks so the fishing should still be pretty fantastic. The rental house will be available starting September. I will get pics and info on the website asap for bookings and package trips.

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