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April Showers

April has started off extremely busy for us this year. We've been booked solid through most of the month. The last week of March up until Easter the weather was amazing and the fish were on fire. Limiting out on snook and as many jacks as you wanted. Starting Easter day the winds picked up big time and unfortunately we had to cancel on a few trips. The winds have died down the last few days but so has the bite. Looks like the next couple weeks are gonna be a little breezy as well but we'll manage.

The inlet has been kinda dead the last few days since the rough conditions we had last week. Not to much going on out there. The snook schools seemed to have disappeared from the north jetty and there hasn't been to much action drifting for jacks and bluefish. There's still goliaths and sharks hanging around but that's about all we've been seeing the last few days.

Since the rough seas and heavy winds we've been doing a lot more inshore fishing in the river lately. We've been back in our old spots fishing mangroves and dock areas trying to hide from the wind. We have to move around a lot but it's been pretty productive for the most part. We're getting decent numbers of whiting and speckled trout in the 12" to 20" range, some 18" to 27" redfish, jacks, and snook of all sizes. I can't stress this enough that inshore fishing takes patience. We're not fishing over big schools of snook like the inlet, we're fishing a mangrove shoreline that has a few snook or redfish cruising up and down looking for a meal. If you have the patience and listen to your captain you will catch fish.

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